Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Decide your next move with one of the largest and fastest growing business processors.

The criterions:

1.       Street smart, killer instinct with hard core selling
2.       Experience in selling both IT and BPO services
3.       Any strong Indian settled in USA
4.       Any American who is looking for a change
5.       Total positions open are 5 no’s
6.       More energy levels
7.       Excellent communication skills
8.       Great industry relations, highly networked
9.       Should have proven track record of high revenues – we need clear evidence of their skills / contacts
10.   Excellent personality with great articulation skills
11.   Selling IT services / CRm / ERP services

Not required:

1.       Product selling profiles
2.       Delivery profiles who does strategic sales

Preferred languages other than English:

·         German
·         Spanish
·         French

Loooking for:

·         Locals of those countries
·         Indian’s settled in those countries and from the above mentioned companies only
·         Indians – those recently moved to India and are wanting to go back

Domain expertise and other miscellaneous information – mandatory for the profiles is given under:-

United States:

-          Healthcare ( 2 person)
people with IT and BPO exposure
Having worked specifically on healthcare providers and insurer’s. Average contract closure 2-3 in last 2 years with an average TCV of 10 Mn plus ( 3 year)
Well networked with advisory and consulting firms
Relationships with medical billing companies and past experience of partnering with Healthcare point solution companies.
-          F & A, HR ( 1 person)–
Cross domain exposure with F & A, HR world. These 4 guys win the majority of the deals in the US.
Deep rooted in the market with significant active relationships and prospect based.
Well networked with advisory and consulting firms.
-          Insurance & Banking ( 2person)
Again a blended IT BPO experience would be great. We have a lot of capability in this segment and hiring a right resource would help us position amongst the financial services community which is the most active outsourcing community both from IT and BPO stand point.
-          Clearly need someone who has worked with a Tier 2 company and has track of alteast closing 2-3 deals in last 2 years with an average TCV of 10 Mn plus ( 3 year)
-          Should be a member of Banking and Insurance community and institution.
-          Well networked with advisory and consulting firms

United Kingdom:

-           Banking & financial services – ( 2 person)
Knowledge of corporate accounting, voice and technology solutions.

-          Insurance services ( 2 person )

-          Health care ( 1 person)

Mail your profiles at Kindly mention the position applied for in subject.

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  1. Job locations:

    1. Locations in USA: Chicago; Florida; Minneapolis; Los Angeles; New York

    Places to cover: East Coast; West Coast; Central America

    2. Locations in UK: London

    3. Locations in Continental Europe: Frankfurt; Munich

    4. Locations in APAC: Singapore & Hong Kong

    5. Locations in Australia: Sydney & Melbourne